The Board of Managers composed of 32 clergy: the Bishops, a representative of each Bishop’s cabinet, a representative of each conference’s connectional ministries, and 13 at-large members of each conference. The board meets three times annually to plan and manage the school, working on the current year’s school as well as schools for the coming 2 to 3 years.  If you are interested in serving on the board, you are invited to contact Donald Mathis, Vice Chair of the Board, who is responsible for the nominations process.

The school is funded primarily by tuition fees paid each year.  Both conferences have also supported the school either by budget or endowment.

For registration questions, please email to contact Earnestine Campbell.

For questions regarding the School, please email to contact Matt Murphy.

Board of Managers

North Georgia

Robin Dease Bishop
Jessica Blackwood Connectional Ministries Representative
Matt Murphy Chair
Jane Nugent
Lori Osborn Secretary
Pam McCurdy CEU Co-cordinator:
Robert Lawrence
Theresa Coleman
Susan Allen-Grady
Nancy Long
Will Zant
Nora Colmenares
Kathryn Davis
Sam Dawkins
Arianna Eberle
Johnnetta Johnson
Lelar Kay Pendleton

South Georgia

David Graves Bishop
Paula Lewis District Superintendent
Kelly Roberson Connectional Ministries Representative
Wayne Racz Epworth by the Sea Executive Director
Donald Mathis Vice Chair
Ivelisse Quinones 
Jeremy Alexander
Chrissy Ruehl
Danita Knowles
Daniel Medina
Judy Bush

Earnestine Campbell
Debora Richards 
CEU Co-cordinator: 
Matt Stout
David Wood