Children and Youth

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Preacher’s Kids (a.k.a. Theological Offspring) and their friends are welcome at Pastors’ School. Our program is designed to give our children the opportunity to have fun and fellowship with other children who understand what it means to have a parent or parents in ministry. Programming for children (nursery thru 5th grade) is provided for the morning sessions and for evening worship by Kids Care Everywhere, Brunswick, GA.
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Morning Hours 8:30 – 12:45 pm
Evening Hours 6:30 pm – 8:45 pm
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The youth program (6th grade and up) will be under the guidance of Pastor Bill Culpepper. The group will meet in the mornings for fun, encouragement, and time to just hang out. There will also be opportunities for evening worship and fellowship.
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When you register for Pastors’ School, please be sure and provide all information for children participating in the PK Program. You may register and pay on-line thru July 12, 2015.
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You do not have to register children who are NOT participating in the program.

A message from Kids Care Everywhere:

Thank you so much for allowing “Kids Care Everywhere” also known as “Nanny and Childcare Services” to provide your childcare service for Georgia Pastors’ School for the second consecutive year.
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Just a little bit about us:  Nanny and Childcare Services began over five years ago with a vision and a dream from our CEO, Andrea Dickerson. Her vision: to take her daycare services out of a fixed building. We began by taking our childcare services to organizations that needed on-site childcare services for group gatherings. Today, our childcare services have became known across southeast Georgia, and we are a preferred provider for our military personnel and events.
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While your children are with us they will experience fun, activities, movies, games, and swimming in the care of loving and skilled nannies. We are proud of the fact that we have retained the three lead staff with whom we began:

[speaker photo=”” name=”Elizabeth Ramirez” ]Our lead nanny is Elizabeth Ramirez. She has been with our organization since the very first day. She’s cheerful, fun, outgoing and has several years in the childcare industry. [/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Tre’neice McKinney”]Tre’neice McKinney is a certified school teacher and works with students for our local school system. She has a bachelors degree in early childhood care and education.  [/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Gwen McKinney”]Our third lead nanny is Gwen McKinney who is our the infant room specialist. Her babies quickly become content because of her loving spirit and expert care.  [/speaker]

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We also supplement these three with additional nannies who work with them to provide care in large group settings. We thank the Georgia United Methodist Pastors’ School for this wonderful opportunity.  We are very pleased to care for your children. We want you to be able to relax during your stay at Epworth by the Sea such that all you need do is bring your children and leave the rest up to us.
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Blessings from Kids Care Everywhere!


Provide all of the information requested for children who will be participating in our activities.  When you arrive for Pastors’ School, if you have completed registration and payment on-line, you will enjoy EXPRESS CHECK-IN.  Pick up your all your school materials at the same time that you check-in for your accommodations at Epworth By the Sea, and have time to meet members of the PK program staff.

Monday Check-in

At check-in you will be given a print-out of the information you entered for children who are participating in our PK Activities so that you can review and make any changes.  If everything is correct, the only thing that you will need to do is sign the form giving us permission to seek medical treatment should we be unable to reach you on the cell phone number(s) you provided, and indicating whether or not your child is allowed to go swimming.


Registration (June 1st until Start of School)

$50 Non-Refundable Registration Fee

$50 Tuition for 1st Child

$40 Tuition for 2nd Child

$0  Tuition for Additional Children


This means that one child registered after May 31st will cost $100 for the week, and two or more children will cost $140.