2016 and Beyond

Work in Process

We are working on 2016 and beyond, and as details become available, we will post them here. We encourage our pastors to suggest topics, faculty and preachers for our schools.  Your suggestions are very helpful year to year.
Themes beyond the upcoming year are subject to change as we evaluate emerging needs and interest.

All program leaders and preachers listed here have been confirmed. As we continue to work out into the future, details will be posted as they become available, so check back regularly!

2016 – Theme: Live, Laugh and Let Go! – July 18 – 21

We talk a great deal about taking care of our body, mind and spirit.  We give out advice to our congregants on the subject.  Our insurance company wants us to be healthier by taking preventative action.  In reality, most of us clergy are wearing an invisible button.  We’ve been wearing it for as long as we have been in this calling.  It says, “Take My Advice.  I’m Not Using It.” In 2016, our goal is to provide inspiration, humor and practical, concrete next steps.

Faculty and preacher are being finalized.  Details to follow.

2017 – Theme: The Discipling Church – July 17 – 20

Initial inquiries with faculty and possible preachers are in process.

We welcome your suggestions.  Go to our Contact Info page to get in touch with the board of managers.  You probably know at least one of us, so do not be shy.